Explore the concept and discover its benefits

We love math ... and the world! The humanities are bursting with fascinating math facts. It's why we put it all together with MapyMath, which helps:

 Build kids' math skills with innovative questions that enrich and excite them.
 Broaden their horizons with facts and ideas about their world, across humanities subjects.
 Stretch them further with problem solving and critical thinking. 

There are booklets for every age level: 8-9, 10-11, 12-13 and 14-15.

The booklets each feature six regional sections: Americas, Europe, Far East and Oceania, Central and South Asia, Africa and Middle East, and International.

Within every region, you’ll see a question in each of four subjects: Geography, Society, Economy and Politics.

That's 24 total questions per booklet. Try our sample booklet to discover MapyMath, and bonus activities updated weekly!