Our fun, age-specific learning model

MapyMath is perfect for all kids age 8-15, whose parents and teachers value an interesting and challenging learning model – and as the added unique twist a humanities-themed experience! Every math question includes interesting, globally-themed facts and ideas. You’ll see below the age-specific summary of MapyMath, though we’re hoping you’ll try two levels per child: their age and the one above.

Age 8-9 questions are lively and exciting! We’ve kept them simple, though – usually a single math skill after grasping the question. It's fun and excellent learning.
Click here for the age 8-9 sample booklet.

Age 10-11 stretches their thinking further. This level features slightly more complex math, and slightly more thinking to know what’s being asked – which we’re sure they’ll enjoy!
Click here for the age 10-11 sample booklet.

Age 12-13 is becoming difficult. With this level it's multi-step math with challenging concepts. They’ll need to breakdown the question in order to figure out the logic.
Click here for the age 12-13 sample booklet.

Age 14-15 really make them think! They’ll need to look at everything carefully in order to absorb details and understand the challenging question – often with complex math skills.
Click here for the age 14-15 sample booklet.

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