Our fun, age-specific learning model

MapyMath is perfect for all kids age 8-15, whose parents and teachers value an interesting and challenging learning model – and as the added unique twist a humanities-themed experience! Every math question includes interesting, globally-themed facts and ideas. You’ll see below the age-specific summary of MapyMath, though we’re hoping you’ll try two levels per child: their age and the one above.

Age 8-9 questions are lively and exciting! We’ve kept them simple, though. Key skills are: place value, rounding, basic level operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division), basic level fractions, etc. It's fun and excellent learning.
Click here for the age 8-9 sample booklet.

Age 10-11 stretches their thinking further. This level features slightly more complex math: higher level place value, rounding and operations, operations with fractions, decimals and beyond. They'll love it!  
Click here for the age 10-11 sample booklet.

Age 12-13 is becoming difficult. With this level, the operations are challenging, including fractions, decimals, percent and ratios. They'll also need to apply their logic to figure out what the question even asks. 
Click here for the age 12-13 sample booklet.

Age 14-15 really make them think! The operations and problem-solving require move up again to give students fascinating challenges.
Click here for the age 14-15 sample booklet.

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