Mathematically illuminates all of the world's regions

MapyMath’s is balanced across the world!

No region or country dominates MapyMath's questions. We illuminate kids' knowledge on all of the world's regions.

Here's how we've split these questions regionally:

Americas questions cover this entire region, north to south from Canada's icy Arctic and the US, to Chile's remote islands, and everything in between. We look at North America, Central America, the Caribbean and South America.
35 countries with over 1 billion people.

Europe questions sweep west to east starting in Greenland, then the main Western Europe powers of the UK, France, Germany, Italy and others, across Central and Eastern Europe and then the very large Russia (which spans Europe and Asia).
50 countries with over 700 million people.

Far East & Oceania questions include the eastern powers China, Japan, Korea, Indonesia and others, and the islands of Oceania: Australia, New Zealand and many more.
30 countries with over 2.3 billion people.   

Central & South Asia questions capture major population and economic centres of South Asia - India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and others - Central Asia's former Soviet states and Afghanistan which spans these regions.
12 countries with over 1.6 billion people.

Africa & Middle East includes Sub-Saharan Africa's many countries, Middle East and North Africa and others around them like Turkey and Iran.
70 countries with over 1.6 billion people. 

You'll also see some International questions that include multiple countries, global facts, Antarctica, oceans and indeed space!

But the only way you’ll know best is to explore our sample booklet, weekly updated bonus activities, and exclusive subscriber booklets.

Enjoy the journey!