Humanities-infused questions that enrich kids' learning

MapyMath’s novelty is especially its infusion of global themes. What does this mean? While the kids are learning core math skills, they’ll also learn key facts and ideas about their world. Here’s what the questions include:

Geography questions are about the planet Earth itself – like its land, water, peaks, natural features, countries’ coasts, national borders and other key facts and ideas that will fascinate your kids. We've also included here some human creations.

Society questions are about the world's people – for example the endless diversity of populations, cultures, languages and more about human life across the world.

Economy questions are about the money! What people earn, what countries make and all the dynamic forces that make this subject exciting, important and challenging.

Politics questions illuminate how society at all of its multiple levels makes choices – its governments and legislatures, politics, the courts and everything else shaping how countries run.



But the only way you’ll know best is to explore our sample booklet, weekly updated bonus activities, and exclusive subscriber booklets to receive questions monthly. Enjoy the journey!